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Work/kid (im)balance

It’s been a year since my last post, which sort of sums up the work/kid (im)balance so far.

No idea if there would be more time going spare to think/write/post if working anything other than full-time was an option.

But quite frankly, anything other than spending time with the wee bean – when he’s not at nursery and I’m at work – just seems like a waste.

I know all the words of wisdom – take time out for yourself, treat yourself, spend time doing what you want to do.

What if all really want to do is play with the wee bean?

To see his little face when he’s charging around the park with his builder’s hat on, sticking his bottom lip out like he does when he’s concentrating really hard (probably on not falling over).

To ask him about his day at nursery and try to figure out how much of what he says actually happened in reality or in his little, Fireman Sam/Peter Rabbit-fuelled imagination.

To march around that tree five times on the way home, stretching up to say hello to the leaves and being very careful to not tread on the teeny ants.

To wave at the firemen cleaning the fire engines in the sun (OK, that particular stop might be more for my benefit than the wee bean’s).

To stop and say hello to the fruit seller under the arches in Brixton, who likes to shake the wee bean’s hand and give him an orange, which he holds very carefully all the way home, because he’s a big boy now.

So we are going to home to eat that orange and then figure out what we’re having for dinner…who cares that I forgot to do the Asda order again this week and there’s really only cheese in the fridge.

We’ve already got fruit and dairy covered = win!

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